The 5253 Design Group architecture firm helps clients define and realize their vision.  We have based our principles on this idea, with our foremost understanding being that the project is the Client's, and their needs and concerns must be met.   Always remember, the Architect works for you and it is your project.


Every project has unique challenges and design opportunities, and there are always multiple ways to solve a problem.  The 5253 Design Group can offer many solutions that will meet the Client’s vision.  Our flexibility in design allows us to respond to the critical issues whether they are site related, building program, or aesthetics.  A Client’s concerns, ranging from traditional versus contemporary aesthetics, to saving a cherished tree on site, will be listened to and addressed.


 The key to success for all projects is good communication.  Most projects take two to three years from the initial meetings to the “One Year Post-Occupancy Review”, so it is important for a Client to work with a design team that can communicate well.  The 5253 Design Group has the communication skills needed to produce a successful project.


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Flexibility in Design

Good Communication

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